Industrial Services and Solutions for the Cement Industry

The construction of cement plants is of key importance because cement itself is such a crucial component of just about all other construction projects. For example, cement is commonly used in the foundations, floors, sidewalks, and parking lots, but may even be used in the walls or to design storage cells. Additionally cementing is used in oil and gas drilling to bond and support the casing and to prevent the movements of fluids between formations. This diverse, important range of applications makes the cement industry quite literally the foundation of the industrial sector. Thus with so much riding on cement the cement plants themselves must be dependable and of very high quality.

STI Group Constructs Cement Plants

STI Group provides reliable, high quality construction and industrial services for cement plants. Our experienced project managers and workers, together with our ASME certified craftsmen and welders have what it takes to build state-of-the-art cement plants that are completed on time and on budget. We also emphasize excellent in customer service and work hard to ensure that the cement plants we build are perfectly suited to our customers’ needs.

Fabrication Services for the Cement Industry

STI Group also delivers industry-leading fabrication services to the cement industry. Our turnkey, modular fabrication ensures that our customers get consistent, quality equipment every time. This allows the cement facility to be set up and equipped in a cost effective, efficient manner. The main benefits of our modular fabrication include:

  • Quick assembly
  • Minimal onsite disruption
  • Fast Timeline
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable and quality tested

As with our construction services we also emphasize excellence in customer service with our fabrication services. We provide our customers with a single point of contact, who will walk them through the beginning phases of the process such as the design and continue to communicate with them and be available to answer questions right through to the end of the process such as the delivery and installation.

Repair and Maintenance for Cement Facilities

STI Group’s services continue even after the cement facility is up and running. A major part of keeping a cement facility profitable and well-run is ensuring that the equipment is well-maintained and that the facility is able to continue operating at full capacity. To help our cement customers achieve this important goal we also offer services such as routine maintenance and servicing of parts and equipment. If something goes wrong, STI Group will also handle repairs and replacements. We will also be there to help once it comes time to upgrade an older piece of equipment.

STI Group’s Experience and Dedication to the Cement Industry

STI Group is able to offer these excellent benefits and outstanding services because we are highly experienced in construction, fabrication, and machine maintenance needs of the cement industry. We understand our cement customers’ needs and expectations and we are able to leverage our deep understanding and industry knowledge to provide superior service. We use the latest, most advanced technology to keep costs in check while delivering the reliable, quality results our customers have come to expect from us. Our dedication to innovation has made STI Group an industrial services leader. Let us put our skills to use on your cement facility.